Motorcycle Battery IMP16-X


  1. FOC Repair or replacement Warranty provided for battery failures arising due to manufacturing and assembly defects.
  2. Warranty void in case of battery failures arising due to
    • Unconventional or Unintended use
    • Abuse
    • Attempt to open or tamper
    • Over charging (vehicle charging voltage is above14.4V)
    • Over discharging (Battery voltage is below 8V)
      *(GPS trackers, Cell phone chargers, alarms, aux lights and other accessories that have continuous drain even in Key off state causing over discharge of battery in parked state. To avoid this, do not connect accessories directly on battery terminals and use certified and trained techs)


The lithium powered IMP16-X comes with a whopping 400 cold cranking amps and is qualified enough to spur up your motorbike’s engine even at freezing temperatures. With the ion compound, the battery is capable of unlocking your sportsbike’s full potential and is suitable for both street ride and hardcore racing. The IMP16-X battery weighs only around¬† 1100grams and is particularly designed for bikes with a Cubic capacity (CC) of upto 2000CC. Read more


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