The lithium battery Charger-Tester is a high amp, cost and power-efficient solution to charge your motorbike’s battery for a long haul.


With high capacity batteries comes the need for a power-efficient charger. The Impulse power’s P/N IMP-CG01 high-quality lithium battery charger comes with a generalised application and is compatible with almost every 14.4 V lithium battery out there. It comes with a fully automatic mechanism and requires no maintenance at all.


Designed to be fully compatible with all impulse-power batteries and other 14.4V LiFePO4 batteries available out there.


The standard output current of 3 Amps accelerates the lengthy procedure of charging in a time-effective manner at an optimal power voltage of 14.4V.


The highly efficient mechanism of the charger not only saves power but also reduces any unnecessary energy wastage in the charging process.


Portable and weighs only about 400g, making it easy for you to carry while travelling long-distances.


Meeting all safety standards, the charger is configured carefully in a user-friendly way to provide protection against any short-circuit, reverse-polarity (limited to <10 sec) or harm to the battery resulting from overcharging.

Maximum Ratings

Max Output Voltage: 14.4 Volts

Max Output Current: 3Amps


Recommended environmental temperature: 0ºC to 50ºC

Standard Charge current in CC: 3 Amps

Charging Status LED indicator:
Red – Charging in progress
Green – Charge completion

Compatible Impulse Power Batteries: IMP08-X, IMP12-X, IMP16-X, IMP20-X and other LiFePO4 batteries with nominal voltage = 13.2 Volts and max charging voltage =14.4 Volts

Typical charging duration (battery at 12.8V):
IMP08-X – 30 min
IMP12-X – 60 min
IMP16-X – 90min
IMP20-X – 120min

Input Requirements

Input Supply voltage: 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz

Input Power during charging: 45W


Temperature: 10ºC to 50ºC


Dimensions: 135mm (Length) x 30mm (Height) x 55mm (Width)

Weight: 400 grams

Cable Lengths: Input – 1 meter, Output 1 meter

Warranty Terms – 1 year

  1. Replacement Warranty provided for charger failures arising due to manufacturing and assembly defects.
  2. Warranty void in case of charger failures arising due to
    • Unconventional or Unintended use
    • Abuse
    • Attempt to open or tamper
    • Over voltage (Battery voltage is above 14.4V)


Impulse Power chargers are capable of charging IMPXX series battery quickly and safely while keeping battery longevity intact. Based on CC-CV charging algorithms, the chargers are inherently safe over a wide range of charging requirements across various temperatures and environmental conditions. Whether the application requires in-house charging or in workshop or outdoor on travel, the Impulse Power IMP CG-01 chargers built very compact for inconspicuously carrying them around in travel bags and panniers conveniently.

IMP CG-01 provides the foundation for safely and appropriately charging IMPXX series battery systems while meeting the most demanding battery charging requirements. Multiple layers of protection are employed at the circuit level (Short circuit protected, highly regulated float charge voltage), enclosure level (body made of polymer / plastic to prevent any shock hazards) and system level (Charging status Indicators and reverse polarity protection (10Sec)) to achieve charging solution with superior safety and abuse tolerance compared to other Lead acid, Lithium Polymer chargers.