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This battery finder is for Cars, Motorcycles* and Powersports Vehicles (*Post-1990s Motorcycles).

Why Impulse Power's lithium-ion batteries are the finest choice for you and your Motorcycle

Environmental friendly

Our batteries are modeled and manufactured without the use of any kind of toxic or hazardous material keeping in mind the essence of protecting and sustaining the environment.

2X Life

Impulse Power’s batteries deliver an elongated service life cycle and a considerably low self-discharge rate compared to the conventional batteries available in the market.

100% Maintenance Free

Designed considering the comfort and convenience of the user, the Impulse-Power batteries require no upkeep maintenance or charging to the point of installation and proper usage and can go on for 6 months given there is no parasitic drain. External charging requirements can easily be met with the P/N IMP-CG01 charger. Moreover, unlike other ordinary batteries, the authentic smart BMS system doesn’t require any balanced charging.

Fully Compatible

Adaptable to every motorcycle out there regardless of the make and without the need of making any revision in the bike’s layout. Ideal for Bike designers and enthusiasts who spend a lot of time and money on scraping the weight off their bikes.

Made in India

We at Impulse-Power always strive to put Our Nation and it’s people above us and try to give back as much as possible. Hence, it’s our privilege to enlighten you with the fact that all our products are exclusively manufactured and assembled in India.

Reasons for choosing Lithium-ion over typical Lead-Acid batteries

Much higher power density and propelling efficiency per unit of weight than typical Lead-Acid batteries. Impulse Power’s batteries deliver enormous power output along with a gradual discharge rate.

The portable compact size of the batteries makes it easier for you to install and pull them out effortlessly without any trouble of damage or leak.

The batteries are entirely electrically rechargeable so you don’t have to go through the hassle of filling it with acid all the time and thus, risking spillage on your motorcycle.

Renders an extensive life-line, typically 3X greater than the conventional lead-acid batteries available in the market, saves you the time and cost of replacing the batteries frequently.

The forceful Cracking Amps render superior performance even in extreme frigid weather conditions and have the potential to heat up a cold dormant engine in less than 30 seconds.



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