It was later to acquiring an experience of over 22 years as an engineer in varied domains that I left the profession and decided to move to manufacture Superbike batteries after peeking a supply shortage in the Market.


I’ve been into biking for as far as I can remember. Being an ardent rider, I let my ambitions be guided by my instincts even when the wind is going against me!


Motorcycles and their nuances have always fascinated me with their sophistication and the important place they have occupied in the hearts of passionate bikers like yourself.

Encouraged and supported by my better-half, I had a vision in the light of the ‘Make in India’ programme by the Government of India and decided to take the initiative of manufacturing and assembling Lithium-ion motorcycle batteries solely in India for all the bike fanatics out there.


Came up with the first prototype of the battery after diligently going through every complication faced by motorcycle owners, tested it on my personal motorbike for 8 years, striving to achieve perfection in every detail.


The Impulse-Power lithium-ion batteries are the successful materialization of the same arduous endeavour, designed and built considering the protection and preservation of the environment in order to cater every need of the motorheads from everyday street use to roughride racing without making use of any toxic hazardous materials like lead